Humidifier with humidity controller

Product Code: SE-167-H

Our HUMIDIFIERS ensures droplet free humidification in any application. It works on the centrifugal principle and can effectively break the supplied water in very fine particle size of 5 ~ 10 microns. Due to its innovative design, the fog can be directed both horizontal and vertical, thereby allowing you, as a user, more flexibility of use. The fog particles always evaporate in the air (thus increasing room humidity), irrespective of rigorous working conditions. It does not require compressed air or water pressure pumps for its working. We manufacture humidifiers for Textile, Cold Room, Banana Ripening and Cashew Kernel processing industries.

Technical Specifications

  • Particle Size: 5 ~ 10 Microns
  • Principle: Centrifugal
  • Design: Portable
  • Installation type: Wall Mounting
  • Power consumption: 55 Watts (Approx.)
  • Motor type: AC · Humidity control System
  • Humidity Display Range: 29% to 100% RH)
  • Humidity Control Range: 31% to 95% RH)
  • Comes with Wired Humidity Sensor (10 Mtrs. Standard length) from RHOTRONICS for greater accuracy (+/- 3%RH)
  • Voltage Protection
  • Temperature Display Range: 1° to 50° C
  • Comes with Wired Temperature Sensor with length of 10 Mtrs. Standard length from 1-NTC for greater accuracy (+/-1° C.)
  • Digital Live Voltage Indicator
  • On/Off Switch and external fuse
  • Power Supply: Single Phase, 220 ~ 240 VAC / 50 Hz.
  • Operating Temp.: 1 ~ 50 Deg. C
  • Humidification Capacity: 6 ~ 8 Ltrs./hr.
  • Power Input: 90 W
  • Water Connection: 0.5 Inch (< 5 Kg/cm2).
  • Area Coverage: 600 ~ 800 Sq. Fts.
  • Dimensions: 370 X 370 X 480 Mm. (Approx.)
  • Weight: 9 Kgs. (dry) (Approx.)


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HUMIDITY CONTROL SYSTEM: The most important aspect of humidification is the ability to monitor, control and maintain the desired RH level. This is possible using our indigenous Digital Humidity Controllers. Just set the required RH (%) on the device and it will automatically switch ON the humidifier if the humidity is lower than the set point and switch it OFF if it goes above the set point. Thus you are always able to ensure consistent humidity levels inside your room/area. The controller works on a PCB design and a relay system.


  • Plug-and-Play device
  • Digital display of relative humidity (29% to 100% RH)
  • Digital display of temperature (1’C to 50’C)
  • Humidity control range (30% to 95%)
  • RHOTRONICS humidity sensor (for greater Accuracy upto +/- 3% RH)
  • Standard sensor wire length: 10 mtrs.
  • Other features include keypad lock protection, high limit, low limit, machine ON/OFF indication.
  • Wall mounting / table top design
  • Comes with Pre fitted socket to connect the Humidifier plug With Digital Humidity control system



  • Textiles Industries
  • Q.A./Q.C. Laboratories
  • Research Chambers
  • Propagation Rooms
  • Cold Storage Rooms
  • Nurseries
  • Greenhouses
  • Mushroom Cultivation Rooms
  • Food / Medical Packaging houses
  • Warehouses
  • Timber Industries
  • Tea/Tobacco Industries
  • Curing Processes
  • Horticulture