About Us

Laboratory services continue to play a vital role towards better remedies of day-to-day problems faced by all of us. Dedicated tecno crafts and scientists are engaged in research in their respective fields for improving the general environmental and health conditions of mankind and animals and to improve the industrial and agricultural productivity.

Keeping in view the nature of applications of scientific equipments in specific research applications / projects / assignments. Science Enterprises. have developed "SCIENTECH" range of high quality general and customized scientific equipments. We represent latest and directive technologies and incorporate an up to date knowhow of modern techniques for various applications and functions in different research projects.

Our company is in pursuit of attaining excellence in our field through our dedicated Research & Development Projects and by incorporating latest technological advancements and inputs, available to us through different quarters of international scientific research organizations.

Over a short period of time we have developed a niche for our "SCIENTECH" brand equipments in a high quality, competitively priced segment of indigenous. import substitute scientific equipments segment, through our quality and dedicated customer support.


  • Rich experience and technical expertise in manufacturing and marketing of customized research and general scientific equipments.
  • Highly motivated and dedicated staff with only one goal "to achieve excellence"
  • Continuous research and development projects, based on customer feedback and technological advancements.