Product Code: SE-131


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  • Designed for controlling above ambient temperatures in external instrumentation or for immersion applications. A very handy tool for general lab requirements and applications.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Compact space saving concept can be placed under or over the workbench.
  • Effective water/liquid heated circulator for tighter controls.
  • Reduces tap water consumption thus reducing high cost of water and waste water.
  • Waste water does not contain hazardous substances thus eliminating danger to personnel and environment caused by solvents.
  • Builts in circulator pump for efficient circulating processes. Offers highest level of performance, flexibility and control for most demanding applications.
  • Industrial grade energy efficient heaters reduces power bills drastically.
  • Fitted with Thermostat controller, to control temperature range from Ambient +5°C to 90°C with an accuracy of +/-2’C
  • Low noise level.
  • Specially designed for Abbe and Butyro Refractometer

Constructional features:

  • MOC (Outer) : CRC Sheet duly powder coated
  • MOC (Inner Chamber & Lid) : Stainless Steel Sheet (S.S.-304 Grade)
  • Insulation : Filled with high grade mineral wool
  • Display : LED display for set value (SV) & process value (PV)
  • Circulating Pump : Powerful F.H.P pump
  • Silicon Tubing : Supplied with 2 No. of rubber tube of 1 mtr each as standard accessory
  • Advisable : Do not use water above 90°C (use silicon oils above 90°C)
  • Work on : 220/230 Volts, 50/60 AC supply.

Optional Accesories:

  • Microprocessor based Digital PID Controller  with Autotune facility to adapt itself as per Environment conditions with an accuracy of +/-0.5’C.
  • Inner and outer chamber both made up of OUTER Stainless steel (S.S.304 ) Grade (Compete GMP Model)